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The transportation system of the subway is tracked and corrected 24/7 by a central dispathcer that subordinates it self another five disparchers.
The Bucharest subway is the perfect way to travel in town owing to it's speed and the lightly comfort that the subway offers.

The Bucharest subways prices are:

  • 2 trips ticket = 2,2 RON
  • 10 trips ticket = 8 RON
  • 1 day commutationticket = 4 RON
  • Monthly commutationticket = 23 RON
  • Monthly commutationticket for students = 11,5 RON

Surface public transportation

We present you not only the map of the subway in Bucharest but also we present the bus and tram map in order to help you find the shorter and efficient way to your destination.

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