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Places to visit in Bucharest
Bucharest is the largest Romanian city, being its capital city, and it has a powerful reputation even from the 1900s, when it used to be known under the name of “Little Paris”. The legend says that the city has been founded on the banks of the Dambovita River by a shepherd named Bucur (translated literally as Joy). Since he used to play the flute in a marvelous way, dazzling the people with his amazing skills, but also with its wine, the local traders decided to name the place after him.
Here you have a list with the most popular places that should be visited in Bucharest, as follows:

  1. House of the Free Press

This is an impressive building that stands in the northern side of the city, dating back to 1956. The edifice is actually a smaller replica of the Lomonosov University in Moscow, Russia. During 30 years, between 1956 and 1989, the House of the Free Press housed almost every Romanian capital printing press.

  1. The Arch of Triumph

Even if initially it was built from wood, it was finally finished in granite during the 1930s. This majestic edifice has been designed to honor the bravery of Romanian soldiers during the World War I. This building is 85 feet high, and there is an interior staircase that allows visitors to climb to the top of the panoramic view of the city.

  1. Victory Avenue

Victory Avenue or Calea Victoriei, as it is known by the locals, is one of the city’s most popular streets. Being paved with oak beams, it is one of the most fashionable streets of the city, being able to survive two world wars. If you are willing to take a walk, you will discover some of the most interesting and stunning edifices from the city, i\ncluding the Revolution Square, the Cantacuzino Palace, the National History Museum, and the Military Club.

  1. Revolution Square

Everyone knows this square because this was the place where it has been worldwide broadcasted Nicolae Ceausescu’s final moments.

  1. Cantacuzino Palace

It used to be a time when Grigore Cantacuzino used to be the wealthiest Romanian citizen. Since he used to be the Prime Minister, he wanted the most elegant residence from the city. Therefore, it was built the famous Cantacuzino Palace in French style. Nowadays, the building hosts the George Enescu Museum.

  1. The Military Club

This is a masterpiece that was built to serve the social, cultural, and educational needs of the Romanian army. Nowadays, there are hosted banquets and official events in the ballrooms, while the upper area is reserved for the army’s library.

  1. The Romanian Athenaeum

This edifice was completed in 1888, being financed with money donated by the public. Therefore, the fundraising “Give a penny for the Athenaeum” saved the project in the moment when the original patrons ran out of money. With its high dome and its amazing Doric columns, the Athenaeum is similar to an ancient temple.

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